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Trailblazer Mag



Trailblazer Mag is a kid-friendly magazine aimed at providing creative youngsters the ability to explore the world of art monthly. This project stemmed from my own experience growing up in the state of Arizona, who's reputation for school funding is so low that kids no longer have a fighting chance to participate in the arts. However, studies find that students with arts education are five times less likely to drop out of school, four times more likely to be rewarded for academic achievement, and four times more likely to receive a bachelor's degree.  

Although Trailblazer Mag is not the answer to the problem, it is a positive light in the hands of children who want to learn more about the arts. My hope with Trailblazer Mag is to spark curiosity, creativity, and inspiration in as many youngsters out there as possible!

Research & 

Is art inclusive and accessible? How can I, as a designer, find a way to bridge that gap? These were the questions I asked myself when approaching the research. It was easy to find the inspiration because of my past as a dancer, filmmaking background and now design as a career path. It was interesting looking into the numbers and how they continue to drop every year when it comes to funding the arts. At the moment, there is a proposition in California that is looking to get passed by the state, this prop will help fund the arts in the state of California. This was an easy connection for me because my entire family is from California and this affects them and my cousins. This made my research a little bit easier because CreateCA is a coalition that is working to bring awareness to the funding inconsistencies and inspire people to vote yes. For research, I made a google form that asked questions about funding.

Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 1.27.17 am.png
Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 1.26.53 am.png
Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 1.26.44 am.png
Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 1.27.03 am.png


The magazine idea came to me when I visited an exhibition in London that provided a magazine at the end. You were able to take it home and look over everything and have a more in-depth understanding of the artist and their work. I loved this because it was mine at the end of it, but i wish there were areas for me to fill in and add my own touch to it. This is where an interactive magazine came into the picture. Below, you'll see some early concepts.

Untitled_Artwork 8.jpg

Final Design

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