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PERIOD. was created to challenge the taboo that surrounds women’s menstrual cycles. We found that practice of hiding and not talking openly about periods can snowball into health, sustainability, and affordability issues. Our mission was not to force a new way of thinking or speaking about periods but to promote conversation in hopes to eventually have the safe space to speak about periods. This is only a small step in a bigger issue, however, as designers we hope that PERIOD. Is a step in the right direction. 

A website, a space, an exhibition for people to talk about menstrual period. Everyone can share stories in here, and all the experience will let the world know that periods are not shameful. How does this work? We transfers the words of the stories into visual languages, and it will move and appear while typing. After pressing the submit button, the poster of the visual stories will come out. Our team collects those posters and share to the world.

This project was given to me on the basis of sustainability. Like I mentioned earlier, this is only a small portion of what PERIOD. hopes to accomplish. The big picture is affordability, sustainability and health issues. However, we need to speak more openly about periods to even address these ideas. I pulled a lot of inspiration from simplicity and color. Hitting the red right on the nose, while addin in the yellow and blue to the overall design aesthetic later on in the process. Below you'll see original colors and typography choices.


Research &

Website Concepts

I also went through many iterations of the website set up and how it would work. I wanted to make sure the website was straightforward and inviting for people to tell personal stories. Now that I had a set logo, I wanted to find the perfect balance of colors, especially after experimenting with greens, blues and yellows.


Final Designs

Wall poster mockup.jpg
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