HERtime is a political action committee that was created by former Congresswoman Katie Hill to support long-shot female political candidates. I created the brand for Hertime along with social media content, website, and merch. 


HERtime was a quick turnaround project for me. I had four days to put together the whole brand, website, and social channels. With guidance from Katie herself, she chose the purple and pink. The rest was up to me.
I was inspired by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's campaign brand and I wanted to emulate the upward slant to signify positivity and growth. The box around the type was a style choice I felt necessary to look dominant and powerful. HERtime looks to empower women to continue to run for office to ensure representation. I feel this brand encapsulates that idea.


With the HERtime. website, the client preferred it to be simple and straightforward. I created a logo motion design video that plays as you enter the website, highlighting Katie Hill's return to the political space after her time in congress. From there, keeping the branding colors was important to the client as it was her original campaign colors when she ran for office.

Social Media

HERtime endorses women, political candidates, as they run their campaign through election day. Running their social media I felt it was important to highlight each endorsed candidate and make quick info cards for our audience to learn about each candidate. 

Each week had one highlight, one pull quote from a relevant article and one fun design or video to keep our audience engaged and promote reposting. These were posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.