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HERtime is a  brand-new coalition dedicated to mobilizing and supporting politically-inclined young women created by former Congresswoman, Katie Hill. Through the organization, Hill plans to provide financial resources and mentorship to budding candidates, with a focus on Democratic candidates looking to flip seats. Hill says HER Time will also recruit potential first-time female candidates and guide them through the process of running for office.

HERtime was a quick turnaround project for me. I had four days to design the branding , website, and social channels. With guidance from Katie herself, she chose the purple and pink. The rest was up to me. I was inspired by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's campaign brand and I wanted to emulate the upward slant to signify positivity and growth. The box around the type was a style choice I felt necessary to look dominant and powerful. HERtime looks to empower women to continue to run for office to ensure representation. I feel this brand encapsulates that idea.


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